Free hosting for markdown-based presentations

December 01, 20171 min read

After using GitPitch for a while and with learning in mind, I decided to make a clone.

Unfortunately, the app was written in a programming language I don't know (Java) so I had to half-reverse-engenieer how everything worked, and code it again using Laravel.

But, after I was finished, I thought there were some things that could be improved, so I forked my own repository and started working on what I'd call WebSlides!

The first thing I added was the ability to load presentations from private GitHub repositories. In the end, I ended up allowing any presentation hosting for this, so you can also use a GitHub Gist, Pastebin or whatever you want.

I also added multiplexing, which means when the presenter (you) goes to the next slide, all presentees (your audience) will be "auto-slided" there too.

Finally, I built a nice frontend with Tailwind, a new CSS framework which just came out (and I'm loving so far).

I plan to keep it free forever, and I'll probably also open-source it at some point, so go ahead and try it. Just type in your browser and enjoy!

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