I regularly get questions around which editor, font or color scheme I'm using. Instead of replying to those questions individually I've decided to just write down everything I use regularly.


13" MacBook Pro 2,7ghz Dual-Core i5, 8GB of RAM, Intel Iris 6100 1536MB Graphics (Early 2015)

I've been using this mac for almost five years now, and even though it has worked perfectly for a long time, it may be time to start looking into alternatives. Will keep this updated!

Honor 8X (September 2018)

I had the Honor 6c before this, and both of them have been amazing. I'm currently on Android 10 and it looks like I'll be able to upgrade a few more versions when they're out.

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700

I got these ones for my birthday, and have used them continuously since. Their noise-cancellation is awesome, and they have a dedicated Google Assistant button (it also works with Alexa or Siri), plus conversational mode.

Hyphen Wireless Earbuds

I backed Hyphen on Indiegogo and got one of the first batches. When they broke down after using them every day for a year, I got another pair. They are also built by an indie-company who has built many other great products.



Brave Browser

I used to be a Chrome user, but ended up moving to Brave for privacy issues. It's very similar to Chrome, except without the tracking and with a very good ad and tracker blocker built-in. It also includes Tor support on incognito and a crypto wallet, if you're into that.


I've been paying for Spotify Premium for three years now, and their recommendation algorithm is the best AI I've ever seen. Most of my favorite groups I've discovered in here.


Things is a beautiful (though expensive) task management app for Apple devices (though you can add tasks from other devices with a little trickery).


Visual Studio Code

I've tried many editors, but VSCode is definitely the best of them. I use the Material Theme and the Jetbrains Mono font.


I used iTerm for a while, but ended up switching to Hyper, not only for its amazing plugin directory but also for its theming capabilities (who doesn't want to style their terminal with CSS?). Along with Oh My Zsh and the Spaceship Prompt, it makes for the perfect setup.

GitHub Desktop

I still enjoy using git on the command line, but if I need to do more complex stuff, like choosing which changes go in which commit, I turn to GitHub Desktop. It's not only fully-featured but also free and open-source!


I used to use Sequel Pro for managing my databases, but after upgrading my mac to High Sierra it stopped working, so I moved to TablePlus. It's soo much better, from a much nicer UI to a powerful plugin system.


Insomnia is there for those times when you need to quickly test what an endpoint is returning, or debug an API call. It also allows to build API docs you can share with your team, though I haven't used that yet.


Tinkerwell is amazing, and it keeps getting better. Quickly test a snippet does what you expect it to, run it inside your local app or even in production, share snippets, etc. It's magical ✨



I do all of my design in Sketch, even photo editing. It's not only incredibly powerful but also really fast and ideal for the modern web workflow.

Vector Magic

I found this app a while ago, and have been using it since to convert low-res images to vectors. It doesn't always work, but gets it right most of the time, and has saved me a few hours of manual re-drawing.


Sip allows me to quickly get the hex code of anything on my screen, which is really useful when working with Sketch (or doing web design).



I record and edit all my videos on Screenflow, mainly because it's really simple to use but still allows you to do most of the things you'll ever need to do when editing a video.


Hustly is great for quickly recording time-lapse screenshots of your process, great to share on Twitter how you built or designed something. Plus, it's built by an indie maker!



Paste makes your whole clipboard history available with a single keystroke. It also allows you to search through your history or group certain items in sections.


HazeOver dims all apps except the one in focus, making you less prone to distractions. I can no longer use macOS without this.


I found SlimHUD on Twitter recently, and it's pretty damn cool. It allows you to replace the stock volume and brightness indicators with a cool progress bar on a side of your screen. It also allows customizing all the colors and works with the touch bar.


Alfred would probably be the first thing I'd install on a new mac. It's like spotlight search, but with infinite customization, plugins, workflows and much, much more.


CashNotify lets me know when I get paid via Stripe or PayPal, which makes for a nice dopamine boost once in a while. It can also notify me when payments are declined so I can investigate or contact the user.


Sprinkles allows you to define custom CSS and JS for any website. The cool thing is it is configured by creating .js and .css files on a folder.