Miguel Piedrafita

My projects


UnMarkDocs connects to your documentation's GitHub repository, allowing you to use custom Markdown syntax for non-natively-supported things, while providing a nice layout.


Web-based presentations. Simple, beautiful. Play your reveal.js markdown presentations. Customize using YAML. Control your audience's slides as you control yours. For free. Isn't it everything you need?

Open Source

I have contributed to over 300 open-source projects since I created my GitHub account in November of 2016. This list includes the Laravel Framework, the Open Source Design organization, GitHub & GitLab API clients and many others.


DependenCI keeps your Composer dependencies updated! Every time a new update of any of your dependencies is released, we'll submit a pull request to your repository to ensure you always have the lastest version.


OrgManager is an open-source project that aims to provide an invite system for GitHub Organizations. By connecting your organization to OrgManager, you ensure your open-source organization stays in the “open”.