Throughout the years I've worked on many different projects. Here are the ones I worked on for more than a month (and that I haven't forgotten about).

ProjectStartedDescriptionWhat HappenedInteresting Bits
OrgManagerJan 2017Open source invite system for GitHub OrganizationsThe repo is still up, but it's not maintained anymore. The hosted version was sunsetted on 2019.Started as an example app to experiment with Laravel when I was learning it, ended up getting used by multiple big organizations (like FOSSASIA) during Google CodeIn.
DependenCIMar 2017A service that PR'd composer dependency updatesI never managed to figure out how to update the composer.lock without actually running composer on my server, so I moved on to other projects.DependenCI was pre-Dependabot (which got adquired by GitHub) and was the first service of its kind to support PHP packages.
UnMarkDocsJul 2017Dynamic documentation hosting with custom markdown, integrated with GitHubMaintained it for around a year, but never managed to make it profitable. Ended up selling it for 350€ to Sven Hofmann.UnMarkDocs was my first attempt to build something big and, while I didn't manage to make it sustainable, it taught me a lot about building big apps and even more about marketing and business.
CoderYouthJan 2018A code community for teenagers, by teenagersThe CoderYouth chat is still active and periodically gets new members, but the rest of CoderYouth's services are on pause at the moment.I started CoderYouth because none of my IRL friends was interested in programming, and it helped me build a small group of really cool people of my age with whom I've since met in real life.
SnaptierFeb 2018A platform to automate repetitive development tasksWe decided to stop working on it while building the MVP.A few months after stopping development, I went back and managed to finally get everything working, but everyone had moved on from the project at that point.
Borrow My TopicMar 2018Open-source platform where creators and presenters can exchange topics for talksThe repository was active during the first few months and we got some work done, but we all slowly stopped working on it eventually.
Maker ArmyNov 2018A modern platform built to provide makers with financial stabilityI really liked the idea, but the team was poorly managed and I ended up resigning from the project, which died soon after.
BlogcastJan 2019A platform to automate article narration using state of art text-to-speech-technologyI built the initial version in a week, and continued iterating on the idea for half a year. On March 2020, I decided to sell it so I could focus exclusively on building Sitesauce.There was a big wave of article-to-text apps in the following months to the launch of Blogcast, including a YC-backed startup.
SitesauceSeptember 2019A platform that generates static sites from dynamically-generated websitesAfter developing Sitesauce for 8 months, I finally launched it on May 2020, and I've been iterating on it since then.The launch went way better than I expected, reaching $600 MRR in a week.
AuraliteJune 2020A new social network for the futureWorking on it every day, getting ready for a public beta soon.The Auralite frontend is open-source! You can dive into the code here.
HarmonyAugust 2020An app to see what music you have in common with othersYou can download Harmony from the Play Store.I challenged myself to build Harmony in 24 hours while streaming the whole process, and managed to finish just in time.
MicrolinkOctober 2020An unlimited-everything URL shortener powered by VercelIt was originally intended for personal use, but I ended up opening it to everyone with a one-time payment model.I decided to build it when the url shortener service I was using before had a brief outrage, and it took me two days to finish the entire thing. It was also the first time I used Gumroad for billing.
GumHubOctober 2020A script for selling access to GitHub repositories with GumroadYou can buy GumHub from Gumroad and use it to sell your own repositories.It took me around two hours to build the original build of GumHub, which just started as a fun idea for a stream. It's probably the fastest I've ever finished a project.