Miguel Piedrafita

My projects


Time is precious. Snaptier allows you to make the most of it by automating repetitive GitHub tasks that keep you from making progress.


UnMarkDocs connects to your documentation's GitHub repository, allowing you to use custom Markdown syntax for non-natively-supported things, while providing a nice layout.

Open Source

I have contributed to over 300 open-source projects since I created my GitHub account in November of 2016. This list includes the Laravel Framework, the Open Source Design organization, GitHub & GitLab API clients and many others.


DependenCI keeps your Composer dependencies updated! Every time a new update of any of your dependencies is released, we'll submit a pull request to your repository to ensure you always have the lastest version.


OrgManager is an open-source project that aims to provide an invite system for GitHub Organizations. By connecting your organization to OrgManager, you ensure your open-source organization stays in the “open”.