Hacktoberfest 2018, let's do open-source!

In case you didn't know, October is the month of open source. Why? DigitalOcean organizes Hacktoberfest, a program where you contribute to open-source and get a super-cool shirt (and some stickers) in return.

But it isn't just DigitalOcean. Multiple organizations will also give you swag if you contribute to their repositories on Hacktoberfest. Here's a complete list of all promotions:

  • Official Hacktoberfest - Register on the website, make 5 PRs to any repository, get swag. Reference
  • Auth0 - Make a Pull Request to an Auth0 repository, fill this form and get swag. Reference
  • Microsoft - Make a Pull Request to a Microsoft repository, fill this form and get an exclusive shirt. Reference
  • SendGrid - Make a Pull Request to a SendGrid repository, get an exclusive shirt. Reference
  • Nexmo - Make a Pull Request to a Nexmo repository, fill this form and get a shirt. Reference
  • OpenEBS - Make a Pull Request to OpenEBS, and you'll get a shirt if it gets merged. Reference
  • Umbraco - Make a Pull Request, and if it gets pulled in you get some swag. Reference
  • Hasura - Make a Pull Request to graphql-engine, get some stickers and optionally a shirt. Reference
  • Source{d} - Make a Pull Request to any source{d} repository, fill this form and get a shirt. Reference
  • LBRY - Make three Pull Requests to LBRY repos, get a shirt. Reference
  • Kong - Get a PR merged in to any Kong repo and get a nice shirt. Reference
  • Aras Labs - Make five PRs to Aras repos and get an exclusive shirt, or make only one and get stickers. Reference
  • Magento - Submit five PRs or validate 10 issues and get an exclusive shirt. Reference
  • Operation Code - Make a PR and get stickers, close three issues and get a shirt. Reference

So, go ahead and participate. You don't even need to know how to code, in most cases fixing a typo in the documentation or adding examples to a README will be enough to get you some nice stickers.

Have fun, and happy Hacktoberfest!