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I love learning new stuff, and in our search for the best learning material I've always ended up on a lot of amazing landing pages which sell premium courses.

Most of these courses have a price that’s more than fair, but usually the pricing is tailored for people based in developed countries such as the US, Canada, Western & Northern Europe and a few other countries scattered across the globe.

Any resident of a developing country would have to pay the same price for a course, despite the fact that they earn less than 50% compared to their counterpart who lives in a developed country.

Basically, it can be a bit difficult for someone who earns $600 per month (after tax) to make education their priority, which is probably the reason why many people resort to acquiring courses via torrents.

On a macro level, the world is rapidly changing and everyone has to constantly acquire or improve its skills. This is another aspect which makes it a bit difficult for people based in developing countries. Curriculums - even those you can find in Universities - are often far behind the current practices in the business world, making it even harder for individuals to develop a set of skills which would make them relevant on the global market.

A 50% discount off the full price for someone located in Eastern Europe might mean the difference between making $0 or 50% on a sale for creators. If you sell something that has low hosting costs or is easy to "duplicate", your costs won’t really suffer. Your business might actually grow as a result of adopting a more inclusive pricing strategy.