Why I haven't launched Blogcast yet

Here's a bit of context: I built Blogcast (a platform to turn articles into audio) in six days, documenting my progress publicly. I was supposed to launch it on the seventh day, but a week has passed since then and it's still not launched. Why?

While I had originally decided to not delay the launch one day, I've ended up deciding to delay it a bit more, and there are two reasons for this:

The first one is a quick chat I had with James from Squarecat on Sunday. He saw a lot of potential in Blogcast I was too focused on coding to see. His advice was to focus on ways to build the brand for a bit before launching. That is, encouraging people to share it on social networks, adding a little branding to embeds, etc.

The other is a technical reason. Right now, you can't embed the Blogcast player on Medium, a widely used writing platform. I've submitted an application, but they have up to a week to review it, and I'd rather launch with that.

Let's end with some app updates: I redesigned the Blogcast player to include some branding, speed controls and a beautiful dark theme (light coming soon) and got my first paid customer!