Who invented stuff on the Internet?

The idea for this article came to me when reading an article from the History of the Web blog, which I totally recommend.

If you've studied any science degree, you probably know a few names from great people that helped our world move forward. This people proposed a new theory, or fixed an existing one, or maybe discovered a new element. And you'll remember this people because the methods, materials or units carry their names.

Let's turn to software engineering, where it's difficult to find a technology whose name isn't an ancronym or a company name. The web was built by engineers, and for this people an acronym is better than a real name.

Who invented AJAX? I'm sure most developers couldn't even tell the name of the man who invented PHP (Rasmus Lerdorf).

This are the people that are pusing our world forward with new inventions and technologies, and they don't have time to thing about their legacies. But maybe we should.

Instead of scrolling through Reddit or Instagram, consider taking some time to search the names of the people who made the job you work on today possible, they totally deserve it.

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