What we can learn from certain Hubspot article

So today I was searching for the shrug emoji to type it into my philosophy essay (quick tangent: people are super unoriginal with names. Lamarck makes a theory, and you call it Lamarckism, seriously? You should learn from the people naming medicines). Anyways, so I was searching for "shrug" on Google, and the second result caugth my eye. It was an article titled "How to Type the Shrug Emoji in 2 Seconds Flat", but the interesting part was that it was published in Hubspot's blog.

We all see Hubspot as some marketing CRM giant, but the fact that they've also writted this small, almost ridiculous (I would love to see someone proposing this in a marketing meeting, and their reaction) makes me thing even big super-enterprisy companies have their own "maker culture" too.

And hey, it worked. They're now the second result for "shrug" in Google, first one being the emojipedia. Even if the company doesn't have anything to do with the article, I'm sure they got more than one client from that article (and maybe the employee who proposed it got promoted, I'd personally want to meet someone with the corporate title "Emoji Ninja").

Don't be afraid to write, even if it's on your corporate blog and even if it's something totally unrealted with your company. Who knows, you may get to rank #1 on some popular term.