What is 200wad?

If you've read some of my articles, you may have noticed I use the term 200wad extensively. The meaning of this may seem obvious to the people consuming this content via the 200 Words a Day website, but all my articles are cross-posted to a special page on my blog with no reference to 200wad, so I thought I'd explain it anyways for the people who've never heard of it.

200 Words a Day (200wad) is a platform started developed by Basile Samel for ProductHunt's 2018 Hackathon.

The main feature of the 200wad platform is its simplicity. There's only a minimal editor that shows you a word count, an article view and a profile one. No images, embeds, likes or other distracting elements. Just words.

I found 200wad when someone talked about it on Makers Kitchen, and have been writing every day since then. Initially, my words were exclusive to this platform, but after Basile released an API I started listing them on my website.

So if you're reading this from my website, go check out 200 Words a Day to find other people writing daily (some are writing entire books, in the open!). And maybe consider creating an account and joining the challenge. You will not regret it!