Website updates: 200wad & dark mode

The 200wad API was released this week, and I finally had some free time yesterday to start adding it to my blog.

Just for context, I'm using Jigsaw, a static site generator built on PHP and parts of Laravel, to pull content from a Ghost instance.

So, after playing with the API a bit on Postman, I plugged it to the generator and managed to render 200wads in a template similar to the one I use for regular posts.

I still haven't added my 200wad to the index or created a RSS feed for it, but you can now read all my 200wad in my website (you'd have to know the URL cause, as I said, they aren't linked anywhere, just yet).

In other news, I finally added a dark mode to my website! Styling was easy, but I'm still figuring out how to remember the user's choice when they change page.

I'm currently using localStorage, but there's a small white bump while the page is loading and it hasn't picked the dark mode yet. My solution for this could be switching the default theme to dark, we'll see.

In the coming days I'll be adding 200wad to the index and generate a RSS feed, so stay tuned!