The (Twitter) Castle

I was recently hired to manage the Twitter presence of Essentially, my job consists on making the account feel active, interacting with other podcasters and tweeting podcast-related stuff.

This kind of reminded me of Kafka's book The Castle, in which K. is hired to work for an organization called The Castle. He moves to a village and starts trying to find the governing authority of this organization.

The Castle's really about the clash between our acceptance of institutions as a normal part of life, and the reality that they are very odd things that require us to act as if they were something which they are not. We believe in them though we can’t really see them, hear them, or touch them. We attribute to them motives, personality, wishes, even a moral character. - John M. Ellis on How to read Kafka

Twitter has allowed business to became more human, and we interact with them as if they were. But we have to remember that this is just a marketing strategy like buying an ad. Wendy's isn't paying someone to tweet just for the sake of it, they expect to see some return.

We leave in a strange world where we interact with abstract entities like we would with friends. And it's is fascinating and worrying at the same time.