Streaks are a good thing

Today, an option to completely hide your streak was released.

For me, the streak is one of the most important parts of the daily writing challenge. Not as a vanity metric or as ranking meter, but as something that motivates you to continue writing.

I would have never started the 200wad challenge without streaks. In the first days, it was what motivated me to keep coming back every day.

I see this happening a lot:
1. people join WIP
2. they try out streaks. they more productive as it motivates them to ship every day. something they didnt do before
3. they form habit of shipping every day
4. at some point they realise it’s not healthy to ship _every_ single day. but they dont want to lose hard-earned streak
5. at some later point they realise the streak has served its purpose. they are comfortable losing it
- Marc Köhlbrugge, founder of

Of course, they are and will always be streak-seekers whose only objective is to get on the top of the leaderboard, and people who aren't motivated with them and prefer to disable them.

But for me, streaks are a great way to force myself to do things daily. And so, I'm keeping my streak public.