Today was the second edition of ShipSaturday.

ShipSaturday is an event organized by the ShipStreams platform that encourages you to stream whatever you're working on. I couldn't participate in the first edition due to technical problems, so I was super excited for this second edition.

Things didn't start as I expected. When I opened OBS to start streaming, I was greeted with the same error that prevented me from streaming last time. I asked for help on the ShipStreams telegram chat without luck and thought that the end of my ShipSaturday.

But I really wanted to stream. So I started looking for a solution and found this website called Lightstream that allows you to stream right from the browser without downloading anything (well, you have to download a Chrome extension, but that's close enough to nothing).

So I started streaming and decided to write my monthly report for both December and January (may explain this another day). After writing for a while (without a mic enabled), I was bored enough to consider stopping the stream and decided to switch task.

I started working on the frontend for integrating my 200wad on my website and made a lot of design decisions. It was fun, and I got some feedback from people live. Will share more about this another day.

Overall, it was a fun stream (except for the first part), and I'm looking forward to repeating next Saturday (and to fixing my streaming setup😅).