Read or listen?

I've been playing around with a new project that generates audio versions of articles. If you'd be interested in trying it, email me!

Reading is boring, listen to the article instead:

Let's face it, you probably don't come here to read articles. You registered to write 200 words every day. Yeah, you might slide into a few posts while procrastinating, like you just did, but that isn't your primary focus.

Reading requires a lot of effort. And most importantly, it requires your complete attention. You can't read while you go for a walk (unless you wanna hit some streetlights) or do the dishes. The only thing you can do is stare at your screen.

With listening it's another story. People listen to podcasts while they walk their dog, run, or do domestic work.

So, ask yourself, would you consume more content if it was spoken instead of written? And would more people consume your content if it was spoken instead of written?

Yes, you say, but it's also more work for me! Well yeah, but only if you do it the old way. There's nothing wrong with grabbing a microphone and read your article, but it's too much work.

Instead, you can get a machine to do it for you. And that's what I'm working on now. Making it easier for both you and your readers to consume your content.

Sounds interesting? Email me, and I'll show you how one of your articles would sound!