Re: The 1 Million Dollars Thought Experiment

Note: This is an "extended reply" to this 200wad. As this functionality is not implemented (yet, I hope) into 200wad, I'm doing it the crappy manual way.

So after reading Basile's article, I decided to write my answer to the question, here we go:

How would it impact your life to receive 1 million dollars right now?

My life would probably change a lot.

With a million dollars, I'd be able to leave school and work full time on my projects, which is what I've always wanted.

It would also allow me to focus less on making profitable products and more on making things that help people, and maybe making those projects open-source or free.

It would also have a positive impact on my life, as it'd allow me to go independent and to understand a little better the value of money (a very important skill in life IMO, and one that you don't normally get at my age)

Oh, and I'd upgrade to 200wad Pro πŸ˜‰

But I don't really need a million dollars (at least, I don't need to magically receive a million dollars). I'm super young right now, and while getting some money to do all these things would be awesome, I'll probably end up doing them anyways at some point.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for someone to give a million dollars to, forget this last paragraph and choose meπŸ€‘