My story (part 5)

OrgManager was built to solve a problem I had experienced during Google CodeIn: every organization would have to manually invite each student to their GitHub organization. So my original idea was to build a simple app where students could auto-invite, just like there's one to get auto-invited to Slack groups.

I already had some laravel knowledge from building example apps and the Octobox clone, but it was my first real app.

I worked super-hard on OrgManager (to the point of using a raspberry pi as a computer to code when I was not home) and managed to release a stable version which had all the features in my list three days after the first commit.

At this point, I'd have abandoned the project and started another one, but people started to actually use my thing! I had shared a link with a few organizations who were still auto-inviting, and some big ones started using it! This motivated me to keep improving the project.

A month after the first release, I tagged OrgManager v2, which fixed all the bugs reported to date, cleaned up the UI and introduced an API. That's when I started to focus on design. I had originally built OrgManager using stock bootstrap but wanted that professional and clean look other websites had, so I submitted an application to the Open Source Design organization.