My story (part 3)

This 200wad is part of a series I'm working on. You should probably read part 1 and part 2 before you read this one if you haven't already.

While working on LicAPI, I learned a lot about security (to make sure my login was secure, to prevent database attacks, etc). So, I kinda abandoned the project to get into the InfoSec world.

It took me about a year, in which I not only learned how to exploit web vulnerabilities but also learned to use Linux. I started dual-booting Kali Linux with Windows, my main operating system at that time, but ended up liking the speed so much I switched to Ubuntu as my main OS.

I didn't really code during this period (which lasted almost a year) except when making some example vulnerable websites for a friend I was teaching these things to, and this wasn't that bad, as it gave more time to focus on school and probably strengthened my passion when I started again.

Then, in December 2016, I started coding again. I had been seeing a lot of good stuff on Twitter about a framework called Laravel, so I started looking into it. Keeping in mind I had only written spaghetti PHP before and that I didn't know what OOP was, Laravel seemed like a very organized way to code, and it gave me lots of things by default, so I decided to make a little project to try it out.