My first 200 words

Today, I joined the 200 words a day challenge. While I already try to write for my blog, I want this to be different, like a stream of consciousness. That means I'll write whatever comes to my mind insteaf of the more polished, proofread articles you'll find in my mind. I may even move some of this to articles, who knows!

Let's start this "diary" by introducing myself. I'm a 16-year-old who has been coding for six years now. I started doing HTML when I was 10, then I slowly progressed into making small webapps and last year I finally launched my first big project, called UnMarkDocs. After that, I started another big project with two friends of my age, but we still haven't finished it and the process is kinda stuck. I've also been blogging a lot lately, and building small stuff, mostly for personal use.

I've been really interested by the maker movement lately (following Ethan and other makers, and more recently with the #24hrstartup challenge), and I like the shift from big apps that take a year to launch to small apps you can make in a weekend. In fact, I've decided to build one of this "maker" apps with a friend, live, this thursday, so tune in!