You just Lost

Welcome to The Game. It doesn't have a name because it doesn't need one.

1. Everyone is playing The Game, they just don't know it (yet). You can never stop playing.

2. If you remember you are playing, you lose

3. When you lose, you have to tell others. This is normally done by saying "I just lost the game" out loud, but you can also tweet it, phone someone, etc. just get creative

4.  After you lose, you have thirty minutes to forget about the game before you lose again.

Okay, now let's get serious. What's all this?

The game is something I've been playing with my friends for about a year now, though we didn't invent it. According to Wikipedia, the first recorded mention of The Game goes back to 2002, and it's been played worldwide since then.

But the fun part about The Game isn't to avoid losing, it's to induce others to lose. This can be achieved by hiding post-its, writing The Game in strange places, etc. There are people who have been to conferences with "I just lost" shirts, people who went to their local radio station to explain in on air, there has been a petition to the British government to turn it into law and multiple mentions in popular webcomics.

So now that you know about the game, you have the power to make your friends lose. Are you gonna use it?