Mental MVP

I explored the idea of making other 200-challenges in a recent article called 200 challenges a day. After getting some feedback, I finally decided a platform similar to 200 words a day, but for podcasting. Essentially, you have to record yourself speaking for two minutes every day. I even have a name and a domain: (I know the domain leads to a broken page, I don't have anything to show yet).

What I don't have is a clear idea of the features I want on this platform before it launches, nor their technical implementation. So I thought I could maybe share my thoughts and get some feedback from the community, that'll hopefully be as excited to get into podcasting as I am with this project.

First off, the essential part and the one I should build first is the audio uploader. Should I just make users record directly from the website? Should I let them upload audio? Someone has even suggested linking a YouTube video in a vlog fashion. (This also has the technical difficulty of storing the audio, but I have to decide what to do first)

Another thing to decide is comments. I want to build a community around this, just like 200wad's, and for that, I need to build some kind of interaction around the episodes. Should responses (comments) be text or audio? If they're audio, should I enforce the two-minute minimum and count them for the streak?

Finally, should the episodes be available only on the website or should I try to get them into podcasting apps? If I do make them available in iTunes and all those platforms, should it be a "podcast" per user or a podcast containing all users? I could also do a single episode per day with all the episodes...

Would love to hear your thoughts on this! You can comment below, reach me on twitter @m1guelpf, on 200wad and Maker Kitchen's slack channels or by email at