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In 2018, global piracy went up for the first time in years. If you've ever released some creative product, you've probably worried about someone downloading your "little baby" for free. But it's this really the way to go?

I used to pirate things all the time. I downloaded music, films, books, programs, even website themes for free from the internet. And why did I do this? Well, I was a teenager who wanted to enjoy all the good things out there, but due to my age had no ability to pay for it.

Then, one day, I got a credit card, which meant I could now buy stuff on the internet. And I started paying for stuff.

I still pirated stuff, but if I liked the product, I would go back and pay for the thing. A clear example of this is the Pocket Casts android app, which I first downloaded from a website, but ended up paying for it, just to support the team behind it.

There's this game called Darkwood (sold on Steam and HumbleBundle), whose creators decided to upload to The Pirate Bay. They did it cause they believe that, if people like it, they'll eventually pay for it.

While everyone is trying to protect their content with complex copyright laws and Article 13, maybe we should take some time to analyze if piracy is always a bad thing.