Maker Culture

My first introduction to the maker culture was following Ethan on Twitter (@booligoosh) while he was building KanbanMail. Then I tried to be more active on again and saw more examples of this friendly-approach to building products. Since I started building stuff my goal was for it to look super professional, super-polished, etc. while these makers enjoyed releasing unfinished stuff and using emoji as icons on websites. And I like it, I like how they show the person behind the product. And it probably works a lot better for B2C (business to consumer). Dunno about B2B (business to business) tho, as the latter focus more on reliability and history.

Anyways, after the 24hrstartup challenge (a challenge where 167 people tried to build a product in 24 hours, live streaming all the process), I decided to try it. Today, at 4PM of my timezone, I'll be streaming with a friend, trying to build a new thing called

We're just gonna start with the idea, then try to plan everything as we go. I don't know if we'll be able to get it done before the stream ends (probably not), but it'll surely be fun. Make sure to tune in, you'll probably learn something new!