Make small things

A few days ago I went crazy and decided to build and ship something in less than an hour (and actually managed to do it!). The product was the Unstyler, a chrome extension that toggles the styling of a website. Today, I had a look at the stats, and found that almost 200 people had upvoted on ProductHunt and 75 people had actually downloaded the extension.

I've only had another ProductHunt launch of that size. It got a little more upvotes (nothing crazy, maybe 20 more), and it was for a project I had spent almost a year building. 

For me, this was a revelation. If building and launching quick products can get as much reach, then I've been losing my time since I started making stuff. (Keep in mind I make things just for the fun and to learn new things, not to make money, it probably makes sense to work on bigger products if your objective is to get rich).

Meanwhile, my second "big" product, Maker Army, was announced yesterday, with awesome stats (it got more subscribers in a day that my last project ever got), and I'm aiming for a middle ground between this two ways of building. More about that soon!