Learning to move away

This week's 200wad topic is moving, so I thought I'd write something about moving... in a different sense.

In 2012, I published my first site to the World Wide Web. It was a blogger blog which contained tutorials to teach other people how to do the things I was doing. Its name would translate to "Fun IT for kids and adults", I think. I wrote three articles, and it served as a chance to experiment with HTML and JS.

At that point, Blogger was starting to get in the way of my "creative experience", so I "bought" my first domain (not really, because I got a .tk domain for free) and moved to a real hosting company.

And, while I didn't build my website from scratch using HTML (I used a site generator the hosting company provided), it gave me more room to be creative, and I kept learning more and more while I moved from a Wordpress site to a basic site made from scratch in PHP, then to a Laravel site, then to a blog made in Ghost and finally to a completely static site (my current site at the time of this writing).

While I believe that first blog had a big impact in what I am today, I also think moving away from it at the right time helped me even more.