Launching Makers Up

Today I'm launching yet another product. It's called Makers Up, and if you visit ProductHunt right now, you should be able to find it in the trending section!

So, what's Makers Up?

Makers Up aims to be the official news source for the maker community. This means that, in some way. We want to be what TechCrunch is for startups: centralized news for all the things happening in the maker community.

Makers Up started as a twitter account, retweeting announcements from makers (this was before I joined the team). At some point, they tweeted they were searching for collaborators, so I DM'd them and joined the team!

The first thing we focused on was our website. We were just a twitter account at that point but wanted to become a full-fledged publication, so we decided to start with something in the middle: a newsletter. But to get people to subscribe we needed a website. We ended up with a very simple page explaining what we did, with a twitter feed and an email input for the newsletter.

Once that was sorted, we started focusing on the launch. We decided that Zachary would hunt us, as he was the closest to the ProductHunt timezone and also the one that started everything in the first place.

So today I woke up to find we were on the PH top! It felt awesome.

Can't wait to see how Makers Up develops!