It's the little things that matter

Yesterday, I worked on polishing Blogcast. Specifically, I tried to make using Blogcast feel great.

This is a tough task, especially for people who are used to logical thinking. Instead of thinking like a machine, I had to think like a human.

The first thing I changed was the registration page (it was also the biggest change). I made the card a lot bigger, switched the user details part to a two-column layer and added a small border between user and pricing info.

I also added two cards detailing all the features of both pricing plans, and allowing the user to change plan right on the page (you had to go back before).

I also updated the plan selector on the settings page, making clearer for the user what a grace period is and how to resume their subscription.

Finally, the smallest change I made was to display the user's name and their avatar in the dashboard. The impact on the application is none, but it adds a nice personal touch to the dashboard.

Today I want to continue working towards an awesome dashboard by redesigning the way users interact with their transcribed articles and making it easier for them to share them.