I'm writing a book!

Okay, so I'm not supposed to announce this, but I'm super excited, and nothing will happen if I don't share any details... right?😉

One of my goals this year was to launch 12 products in 2019. My first one is almost ready to launch (we're talking about Blogcast, of course), and I'm happy to say I've found another one!

I'm gonna be writing a book. It's gonna be about Laravel, and I'm not writing it alone.

I've been wanting to create a digital product (a book, course, etc.) for a while, and when Stefan Bauer messaged me and asked me to join him in writing a book I immediately accepted!

Due to the format of the book (lots of code snippets which are the main content), I'll not be writing this book in the open, but I'll write about the progress and my experience from time to time, and will be tweeting lots of updates & book-related content.

The landing page is almost ready (I reused a template from a course I never ended up doing so I didn't have to design it from scratch) so expect a release soon.

In other news, I've continued working on integrating 200wad with my website, and I hope I can publish it soon.