I'm the hardest customer

Yesterday I was thinking about why the SaaS model doesn't work with me.

I'm only subscribed to four services: Spotify, BrainFm, CodePier, and DigitalOcean. While this might seem like a lot, in nowadays everything's a subscription (even more being a developer and using dev tools), and I'd say the normal number would be like 10.

When someone subscribes to your service, it's because they're perceiving some kind of value. When someone decides to pay you monthly, they feel they're getting more value out of your service than the value their money has.

So why is it very difficult for me to feel like that?

The first problem is that money has a high value for me. I'm still a teenager, I've never had a job or a stable source of income. For me, $10 is a lot of money. I (probably) overvalue money, meaning that when contrasting it with the value a service has, the service normally loses.

The other issue is that being a developer, it's easy to undervalue the value a service provides. This is commonly known as the Hacker News syndrome (not really, I just made that up), but it's common to see "I could build that in an hour" comments in developer communities.

Remember people shamed Dropbox when it launched in Hacker News.