Help me validate my new product!

Reading is boring, listen to the article instead:

So yesterday I announced I had started a new project that turned your articles into audio (I even included a demo!).

Until then, it was a manual process, where I had to grab the text of each article and its metadata, send it to Google/Amazon's text to speech API (I still haven't decided which one to use) and then download the result and upload it to my CDN.

Well, after a few hours of coding and fighting with external services, I can happily say all that is not automated. The next step is to turn my little project into a product!

Sounds interesting? Well, great news cause you can help me!

Validating your product means you try to get customers to pay for it, before it's polished and perfect.

Right now, Blogcast only has a super minimal landing with a link to my website. I still don't know how I'm gonna market it, or how pricing will work.

But here's an offer: Send me an email with links to your five best articles, whatever the length (could be from Medium, your blog, 200wad, etc) and I'll turn them into audio, for $3.

That's literally the lowest price I could think of without losing money due to fees, and it'll probably not be as cheap as that when the product continues to develop, so make sure you grab this offer while you can.

In case you were wondering, the audio rendering works perfectly right now, it's the rest of the platform that I have to polish. And, if Blogcast improves a lot in a near future, I'll be happy to run your articles again, for free :)