Habits are hard

I've been thinking about the 200 words a day challenge, and I've realized that, for me, the hard thing is not to write but to figure out what to write. I guess that's the difficulty, but I hadn't realized that until now.

Now that I've used this website a little more, I've found two things I think should change. Firstly, you should be able to add links to the posts, and also clicking a notification doesn't mark it as read, I have to go back and click "mark all as read". There are also a lot of good things in here too. For example, I like how the editor is so distraction free. If I could format everything, add my own styles, etc. I'd probably spend more time doing that than writing.

That's also why I choose Ghost as my blog's stack. You have complete freedom to design the theme, but there are no quick customization options in the dashboard, you need to open your code editor, pull the theme, check stuff locally then push, wait for it to build and manually upload the theme to Ghost. I've found that adding friction to tasks that distract you is the best way to avoid distractions.