Habits and addiction, in 200wad

So, today, I was close to missing writing here. While it's true that I've had school stuff to worry about these days, it feels weird I'd forget to do something I've been doing for 37 days now.

This got me thinking about the differences between habits and addiction. I've obviously built a habit here, 200 words at a time, so how can I completely forget about it?

With other platforms, like Twitter or GitHub (yes, I do check GitHub notifications like ten or twenty times a day), it's instant. When I am bored, I find myself automatically entering one of those website's addresses, as if it was muscle memory. So why doesn't this happen with 200wad?

I believe the main difference is dopamine. Dopamine, for those unfamiliar with it, it's the hormone that powers reward-motivated behavior, and the one in charge of keeping us addicted. Some sites, like Twitter, are designed with dopamine in mind to keep us coming back (a great example of this is the scroll-and-release to refresh your feed, which releases dopamine as if we'd just won a jackpot).

200wad isn't designed with this in mind. It uses a simple and clean design, with no dark patterns, no big red browser notifications, and the comments are meaningful and contribute to the conversation.

While this may mean I'll keep forgetting to write, I'm thankful of this platform for trying to contribute to your personal enhancement instead of trying to manipulate you.