Gift-driven marketing

Follow along as I continue to build my new product, Blogcast, in a week.

Too tired to read? Listen to this article instead:

Let's talk about how I'm marketing Blogcast. When I started thinking about the project, one of the big questions was, will anyone care? Because, sometimes, it happens. Sometimes you release a product and nobody shows up to use it.

Anyway, the best way to prevent that is to get people excited about your stuff, and that is achieved via marketing.

My first marketing tactic is just building in the open. I've been logging all the development on Makerlog and writing about it here every day. I've also tweeted some stuff from time to time. This doesn't guarantee people will use the product, but it does guarantee people will know it exists.

The second tactic is more original and exclusive. The first day, when I managed to get everything working, I send some audios to friends so they could listen to their own articles. And they liked it.

So I designed a simple page that says USER used their Blogcast subscription to convert your article "Your Article" into audio and started to convert some articles from the Maker community and from

Okay, enough marketing, let's see what I got done today.

I finally finished all the UI! It's really simple (and responsive!) and it'll probably need some tweaks, but it looks great IMO. Here's a tweet with some pics.

I also worked on downloading invoices, canceling/changing plan and fixed a bug that made it impossible to update your credit card details.

More updates tomorrow!