Get my eyes back

So today I had my yearly oculist visit.

Every year, I go through this weird experience where they put some drops in your eyes and tell you to sit and wait, then your vision gets progressively blurry until you have to ridiculously separate your ebook from your eyes to read.

When they finally call you, they do some more tests where you have to read letters and look into lights, and you're done.

Then you go home and try to get things done, but forget about being productive for the rest of the day. You can try, but unless you use your TV as your computer's screen or sit unrealistically away from your normal screen, your blurry vision won't let you do anything.

And I asked myself, why aren't there any drops that reverse the blurring process? The clinic could commercialize pretty easily (by making them optional and charging a fee for them) and most people would pay for it.

I don't know if such a product exists, waiting to be commercialized, or if these magical drops are yet to be created, but it's certainly something to explore. Would love to hear more about this if someone has info!