Everything starts with a title

When I start writing a new 200wad, the first think I think about is the title.

I believe this is because, in traditional mediums, a title is what compells a reader to read your article. It also helps me to focus on the topic I've chosen, having big black text telling me what to write about in case I suddenly get out of the zone.

But I've also noticed how I almost always end up changing the title mid-writing. When my idea evolves into words, it usually doesn't follow my original intentions, and so I end up changing the title.

For some blog articles, I may end up changing it a third time in an intent to make it more interesting and compelling to read.

There, just changed this 20wad's title to better align with the idea my words have driven me to.

Thinking about it, it seems like titles are first a self-imposed writing promt (that'd be the function of the first title) and then a summary of the idea you're trying to get through (this works for me because my posts here are usually about opinions and thoughts).

It's also interesting to think how 200wad doesn't need a third title change. There's no need to attract attention here, I'm just writing because I can.