[Draft] Open Sourcing Webslides

Yet another article in my "cleaning through my drafts" section. When my Webslides domain expired, I considered open-sourcing it, but ended up buying deckset.cloud to host a modified version, and so this remained unpublished.

You may recall an article some time ago about a weekend project I made for hosting markdown-based presentations. It was a fun thing I coded in three days, bought a cool domain for (slides.zone), used once and forgot about.

Webslides is a Reveal.js markdown-based presentation hosting as a Service. This means that multiple users can create accounts on Webslides, link to the presentation source (a markdown file with some special syntax) and you'll be ready to present and share slides.

Last week I got the domain renewal notice for Webslides, and while checking usage statistics I noticed that people weren't really using it, so I decided to shut the hosted version down and open-source the code instead.

After some little refactorings and nitpicks, the repository went public yesterday, and while I don't plan to work on new features, I plan to mantain it and maybe fulfill some feature requests.

In conclusion, I enjoyed a lot working on this little thing and I'd recommend anyone who's feeling a little tired over work to make something small this week. Have fun!