Do you really need that section?

Today I moved my email from Zoho to Google Suite, and one of the first things I did when the migration finished was to try out Ethan's KanbanMail.

Ethan's probably the maker that inspires me the most. I've learned a lot from him, from building apps to marketing them. He's the perfect example of an indie maker.

So, I gave KanbanMail a try (side note: you should totally try it out if you haven't), and something caught my eye on the settings section.

There's no automated way to change credit card details or cancel your subscription. When you click the item menu, the app's email composer opens with a prefilled template so you can email him, and he'll take care of it manually.

In my opinion, this is an awesome example for two reasons. First, he's getting first-hand validation from people canceling their accounts. Writing an email is far more human than clicking a button. Second, he hasn't wasted his time in building a part of the app most users won't even notice.

For Blogcast, I built the full application. Yes, the backend for billing settings was already half-backed with Laravel, but I still took the time to create and polish it. And even if I made everything in the span of a week, it's still wasted time in some sense.

Next time you're adding an obvious everyone-has-it type of feature, maybe stop and ask if it's really worth your time.