Digital + Real life

I've been building stuff in the internet for a long time, ever since I coded my first site.

When I started, my work was targeted to my family. Then, as I learned more and my products started to get more technical and deatached from my personal life.

For the last couple years, I've kept my work secret to my friends. It's not like a big secret you protect, more like something you're reluctant to talk about. Whenever someone asked me what I did with my time, computer stuff was the answer.

A few things have changed since then. Some friends found my blog and started reading my articles and checking out my projects (without me knowing about it), and I've started to slowly share some small parts of my work to my closest friends.

I've discovered that, while I like to share the things I make, I'm generally super shy when it comes to sharing it with people that matter to me. That's why sharing the last thing I've been working on to a friend has such a deep meaning for me, and why I get upset with people looking at my projects without me knowing. It feels like walking someone into a secret part of me no one knows.

I don't really know how to feel about this, but do know I'm thankful for those I've shared this things with, for supporting me, even if they don't understand what it means to me.