Could 200wad be my blog?

I've been doing a lot of experiments lately, both with my blog (which I rebuilt a week ago) and in 200wad (by trying new formats, posting drafts I never finished, etc), so wouldn't it be awesome if I could join both?

Right now, my blog is built on Jigsaw, a static site generator. I've configured it to pull my articles from a Ghost instance and render it using a custom theme. It also automatically generates AMP versions and an RSS feed.

So technically, it shouldn't be that difficult to integrate 200wad in. The only thing technically stopping me from building it right now is that the 200wad API is still being worked on (and that I have an exam tomorrow and should be studying instead of coding😅).

So, code-wise, it'd all work. But not everything is code. There are some decisions I have to make to make all this work:

- Do I want my 200wad displayed on the main page? If so, how should I differentiate them? Should they be structured in a timeline-fashion? cards? etc.

- Do I want to generate exclusive pages for them or should I just redirect here? If I create a custom page, what happens with comments?

- Do I want to include them in my RSS feed? Should I make a separate feed for them?

Once I figure out all those things (and finish my exams😅), I'll start to work on all this. Can't wait.