Can you do things for no reason?

In today's capitalist world, it's commonly said that people don't do anything for free.

Let's take streaming, for example. According to this constraint, you'd start a Twitch channel in hopes of eventually making a living out of it (using donations, merch or whatever else you can come up with) and put a lot of work on that channel, always walking towards your objective.

Sometimes your objective could be deeper, like building an audience or interacting with it (in hopes of eventually making some money or more money).

Your objective could be even deeper, even to a point where you can't see it anymore. You might be seeking recognition from your peers, attention to overcome an interiority complex or personal validation.

To discover what your objective is, ask yourself why you're doing something. Then ask why again, and keep on doing it until you can't anymore.

Now for the interesting part. Yesterday, I tried this with making in general. I asked myself: "Why do I make things?", and the answer I arrived to was pretty surprising.

I make things because it's fun.

Now, you'll have to take into account that I'm a teenager living with his parents, who has all his necessities covered (or at least all the ones that matter). If I wouldn't, the conclusion would've been different.

But this gives me hope. And I like the thought of people making things without expecting anything back.