Building a product in a week

Too tired to read? Listen to this article instead:

If you've been following my 200wad posts lately, you'll probably know I started building a new project on Monday (4 days ago).

I believe that, for every project to launch successfully, there must be a deadline that prevents me from endlessly fixing bugs and adding new features. In fact, this is what went wrong with my latest project (UnMarkDocs).

So, I've established a deadline for this project... next Monday. That means, I'm striving to finish and launch this project in exactly a week.

I've previously launched projects in a year and in an hour (I made two Chrome extensions in under an hour each one day I was bored), so I'm hoping this will be another step in the process of finding the right scale for my projects.

Let's finish with a recap of what I did today:

Today's work was mostly focused on the user-facing dashboard. Until now, I've been using my private admin dashboard to create "gifts" as a marketing tactic (more on that another day). But for my product to be ready, users need to be able to manage their articles by themselves.

I also tweaked the voicing settings to get a higher quality voice, and added some cards to check the status of article creation to my admin dashboard.

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing the user dashboard (at least the part that manages articles) and starting to implement support for other voices & languages.

See you tomorrow!