Blogcast all the things!

Reading is boring, listen to this articl instead:

Today was the most productive day I've had in a lot of time. When I got home from school, I opened my computer and started working on this new project I started on Monday. It's called Blogcast and it allows you to turn articles into audio.

Yesterday, I had managed to make a command that worked on the generation. That means that the core product was completed in one day. But if I want it to work, I need more than a shell command.

So I got to work. First, I made an admin dashboard that reproduced the command's behavior, while persisting rendered articles in the database for later use. I also made a monitoring dashboard so I could check the transcribing progress on the articles.

When that was done, I started focusing in the user-facing part. I designed all the authentication, email verification, and dashboard views, using the Laravel framework as a backend so I didn't have to manually code everything.

I also wanted a good first impression, so I downloaded a Cruip template for the landing, which you can see here. I also had to figure out all the copy and the pricing.

Finally, I worked on billing. I wanted to have two plans: a periodic subscription and a pay-as-you-go subscription but wanted the user to register with its credit card, which turned out to be more difficult than expected. When I finally got it working (around 1 AM), I decided I had done enough and it was time to go to bed.

At the pace I'm building this thing, it wouldn't surprise me if I managed to launch it in a week. Meanwhile, I'll keep writing about it on 200wad, so stay tuned!