Automating Code (as a Service)

A new version of your favorite library is out, and it adds new features that will make your life easier! You race to update your app, pull the new version and commit the changes, but your tests are failing. Looks like the update also introduces a handful of breaking changes you need to manually apply. One hour later, you push to master and deploy to production. You're finally done... except you aren't. Now you have to make the same changes to the other 23 repositories where you're also using it.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to automate all those repetitive changes? Yeah, you could create a script yourself, but it'd probably take you more time that manually performing the actual update.

I've been working on Snaptier for a while. It provides code automation as a service. Select the task you want to automate, select the repository you want to run it in and... that's it! You'll get a Pull Request with the change before you can say "regex".

Dominic, Niklas and I (we're all 16!) have been working on Snaptier for some months now, and are close to releasing a public beta, so sign up on our landing if you're interested.