A middle ground

I've been involved in two kinds of projects lately: small, maker-like projects (like launching two chrome extensions in less than an hour) and big, business-like projects (I announced Maker Army, a modern platform built to provide makers with financial stability and overall, better the future of digital creativity, this weekend).

On maker projects, you ship continuously and get a lot of feedback immediately, while on big projects you build stuff for months, then release it. In the article I wrote two days ago, I hinted I'd been looking for a middle ground between this two options.

My idea is to progressively build parts of the site (like lego pieces) and release them as a beta as soon as they're done. For example, Maker Army has the option to build pages people can back, so it may make sense to ship pages with a waiting list for backers instead of waiting and shipping everything at the same time.

This could be also great for marketing, as you are releasing something new almost every month, building anticipation and hopefully getting some social proof and early feedback.

I still have to convince the rest of the Maker Army team to follow this path. If that goes well, I'll be sharing updates on this middle ground of making.