2018 Year Recap (part 2)

Read the first part here.

September came, and school started again, which meant less time for projects and fun. I started focusing more on my personal brand and redesigned my website again (fun fact: I did that like five times this year) to be more like a blog (inspired by Justin Jackson's website). I started blogging every week about random topics that came to my mind.

Then, one day, I had the random idea of creating a Patreon page. I wrote an article as an announcement and then tweeted it. In the next week, I got three patrons, and two of them were some of my "heroes", people I admired. I can't even describe how awesome it felt to have people you admire supporting your work. Seriously, thank you to everyone who believed in me and decided to pledge some money to a random teenager on the internet. THANK YOU.

October was mostly dedicated to writing and contributing to open-source (with Hacktoberfest and Google CodeIn), and to school work.

In November, I started working on a new project with a friend, which remained secret until we announced it on the last days of November. Called Maker Army, is, and I quote, a modern platform built to provide makers with financial stability and overall, better the future of digital creativity. You should definitely check it out (and maybe leave your email)!

Then, the 24hrstartup event happened. This was my introduction to the maker movement. I discovered MakerLog, the Makers Kitchen Slack community and lots of good friends, like Ethan or Sergio. I started to focus less on year-long projects and more on shipping consistently every day. I also joined the 200wad challenge by writing 200 words a day, every day (which you can read here).

As I was saying, I started focusing on short projects and built a chrome extension in less than an hour. Then, I did it again but this time I live-tweeted it. And a third time, but logging it live to MakerLog. I also contributed to the MakerAds project, and probably did more things I don't even remember now.


I did a lot of stuff and it felt great. I look forward to doing more stuff in 2019.

Remember you can help me keep working on the things that I do by supporting me on Patreon😉