200 challenges a day

I've been thinking about this whole 200 words a day idea, and it seems an awesome way to make new habits, especially with the awesome community built around it. So I started thinking, where would this method be beneficial?

- Podcasting: Writing is nice, but what about speaking? What if there was a #2minutesaday challenge where people would make super-short podcast episodes with their thoughts? It would help people who want to get started into podcasting but don't know where to start or are introverts, while also generating a lot of short episodes one could listen in short breaks. Maybe even a challenge to speak for two minutes, then listen to another person for two minutes? Audio responses? This thing has a lot of potential (who knows, maybe I'll end up doing it 👀).

- Reading: I have a huuuge pile of books in my bedroom. Maybe if there was a #chapterchallenge where I had to read x chapters every day I finally read them.

- Open Source Contributions: There are millions of repos with issues you can fix in probably less than a minute, be it fixing typos, bugs or adding features. A #PReveryday challenge would be super interesting for people who are building themselves a portfolio, or those who just wanna help others.

There are probably a lot more, and I can see a lot of potential in this type of community+platform. I really can't wait to see how 200wad evolves.